Look at this man’s hands.  Of course, 1940 was a time of manual labor; your skill set had to include your strength and your health.  But now that technology

Homesteader feeding his daughter at a New Mexico barbecue feed, 1940.
Photograph by James Russell

has supplanted labor with its machines and systems those hands have been changed as well.  They’re now uplifted and open–pleading to the owners of the machines and systems for work.  Hands love to work.  Hands love to feed their children.  But the jobs the hands did are not coming back, and the owners know it and we know it.  And, what’s worse, there is a political system being upgraded whereby we will be told to find work or starve.  It’s called fascism, and it’s owners are having a tea party.  This homesteader?  It’s likely he went to war to fight fascism.  Yes, he is very grateful isn’t he?  And you can bet he proved it!

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