Notes From There


“We are creatures of habit.”

I am a creature of habit.  Due to my bunk spot being in the noisiest area of the unit I usually make up my lack of sleep at night with an afternoon nap.  Today our no-napping rule is being implemented and my body has conveniently retaliated with a chest cold and aches and pains–of course to justify an argument for a nap.  Just amazing how powerful the habit of a nap can be!  When I think of worse habits even more addictive…well, I just want to lie down and take a nap!


“Education is something they can’t take from you.”  A. Bermensolo

A good education is a lucky thing.  After I was laid off at the rail yard, I was able to go to college on a JTPA retraining grant–whereupon I got my degree.  It’s unfortunate that I became incarcerated shortly thereafter, but my education has served me and others well, nevertheless.  Not only am I able to obtain work as a tutor and be a help to the guys, but I’m also treated with a level of respect here, too.  Education has given me safety in a dangerous place, plus it’s made prison a place of study rather than a place of punishment for me.  It’s been like luck they couldn’t take from me.


“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

I’m not usually a procrastinator, but I do have my weak moments.  Last week our unit received a new rule forbidding any napping during the day.  Naturally my eyeballs continued to evade their responsibility of following this particular rule.  And, try as the rest of me did to catch them at it, the responsibility to obey all the rules continues to hunt my eyeballs down every afternoon–only to be told they’ll try harder tomorrow.

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