Notes From There


Photograph from the Library of Congress

“You have no idea how big the other’s troubles are.”  B. C. Forbes

I like to gripe about the rich and powerful because they’re a convenient target.  There’s always some human foible or excess they’re usually guilty of, and I know many are either jealous of their money or struggling economically.  But, since my own father was a banker, I also know there’s quite a bit more to that picture, too. He had a large family to care for, he had a whole community of farmers and homeowners whose debts he was ultimately responsible for–and whose economic fate he often held in his hands.  And, to top it all off, it seemed that everybody–including my young self–was always ready to criticize him or rejoice in his misery.  Now, when I think back on his eventual destruction, I’m reminded of just how closely connected and vulnerable we truly are.  We’re all in this together and we need to remember that.  Thank you so much, Dad.

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