Letters From Here

The Abduction by Paul Cezanne (1867)

Idaho Statesman Letter to the Editor:

Regarding your article today (AP) that the prosecutor has charged a young woman with grand theft for a lousy $62, I’ve got to say I’m appalled.  Actually, “outraged” would be better put.  To quote your article: Idaho code says if someone steals property three or more times in a sequence that has an aggregate value of over $50, that person can be charged with grand theft.”  You know, I don’t mind living in a police state if I’m rich enough to be protected from it–but really, I thought we were better than this.  We fought and died to defeat the evil of fascism during WWII only to let it flourish in our midst?  And to let it live in our own hearts?  Granted, those who work hard for what they’ve got have every right to despise thievery, but there does come a point where anger turns into insanity.  Has our anger done that to us?  I really hope we’re better than that…at least in our great state of Idaho.

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