Letters From Here

Letter to the Editor (Idaho Statesman):
I think Romney showed a lack of character exploiting the consulate tragedy in Libya for the sake of politics.  Now not only are we grieving for our heros killed, but we’re left to bicker over some fringe group’s media attack on Islam–politically timed–that provoked the whole thing. “Here’s what happened: in response to a clearly offensive amateur film defamed Islam, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo condemned efforts “to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” Then in a misguided attempt to exploit the Libel tragedy, Rooney falsely attributed this statement to the White House, falsely claimed it was an apology, and falsely identified it as a response to the attacks, even though it was made before the attacks.” So in tragedy what does Rodney do?  Rather than help console the families and unite a nation in grief he instead foments confusion to get a lucky punch in politically.  He accuses the president of “sympathize with the murderers and apologizing for American values”–based on a statement never made. Which only makes matters worse.  Much worse. Look at the opportunism of this man who wants to be president–and not necessarily “our” president–just president.

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