Meals From Here

Boise Rescue Mission evening cuisine Nov. 7th, 2012: not sure what it was (yuk!) but there were seconds available. Fortunately I still can hardly taste anything after the radiation therapy last year so I got it down with lots of water.

Boise Rescue Mission evening cuisine gourmet critique for Nov. 4th, 2012: the beans had not been soaked properly and, as a result, were quite crunchy; I left them and ate the hot dog bits which had a good barbeque flavor.  The piece of garlic bread was tasty as well,  though overly hard and a risk to dental work.   And, as for the bagel, I pocketed it and softened it later in the microwave.  All in all this meal was of typical quality there there at the mission.  (note: Also I stopped in at Corpus Christi earlier to see what they were serving for their afternoon snack: only to see radishes and watered down coffee…and a lot of very depressed looking street people.)

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