Meals From Here

Great meal! And also some great company w/Patty there, too! She’s w/the Occupy Boise group (she was a main Vigil keeper all last winter) and has become pretty important to the street people now. Her big brown van is usually parked nearby and available as a quick place to warm up in an emergency–often somewhere near the Sanctuary or Corpus Christi–and she always tries to be a mother to those in need. Well, anyway, during our talk there together she happened to recount to me how at age eleven, as a native american child (Nez Perce/Shawnee), she was sold into marriage to some white guy who later died in Vietnam. Wow, really quite a revelation I thought! And, boy, how times have changed! But, then again, that’s Patty’s personal way with folks. We were both due to get to know each other a bit better, and I think with her depth of life experience and understanding she was reaching out the hand of friendship real nice there. Big-hearted and quick-witted, I always enjoy seeing Patty…and, hey, all that chocolate frosting on my lucky corner piece of cake I got was nothing compared to her company this evening! Really a great meal and great companionship down at the soup kitchen tonight!

Dinner at Mission 12-15-12

Dinner at Mission 12-15-12

Patty at Dinner 12-15-12

Patty at Dinner 12-15-12

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