Meals & Stuff From Here

Here’s my latest and greatest from Boise Rescue Mission’s chow hall: And, Oh Joy, it was an Apple!…which I took home to chop into my a.m. oatmeal. Actually I took home two apples since those w/no teeth had left them scattered about on the tables… Hey, also, for another taste of things to come, this time I’ve decided to include for your digestive pleasures (ta-da!) a critical review I found about Julian Assange’s latest book, “Cypherpunks”! Now, please be forewarned: this would mainly be for those interested in such table talk as web privacy and conspiracy theory–extra fodder/dessert for the homeless and/or deranged. So if you’re not into such fare, well then, bye for now and may God bless. But–if you’re still here–and to continue–I think the reviewer really snarked away at our poor hero, Assange…as an egoist, lousy writer, pseudo smart guy, and all the usual critical stuff, etc. Nevertheles, I did think the review worthy of some very good exta info well worth sharing w/you good folks out there. Particularly compelling I thought was, “Google receives tens of thousands of similar requests each year — most of them subpoenas sealed under court order, not search warrants — and complies with 90 percent…” (including Facebook and other social platforms) stored for “later analysis.” And also compelling was that the new international currency is now “data” (especially important now when you consider how it’s used for “illegal” financial insider trading that’s so common nowadays). Then, lastly, among the myriad of privacy concerns and exhortation for future personal encryption, it told about the government’s current $2 billion underground Utah storage project. Well, that’s when it smacked me as something similar to that atomic bomb Manahattan Project of WWII. “Hey, why not once stored, why not just let that nuclear pulse bomb go ahead and blast everyone else’s data to bits??? (Literally…!)” And so there you have it, folks; instead of blowing up factories like they did during WWII, this time it’s going to be servers. And probably right along with it a lousy bio-plague…with Mitt Romney under his mountain in Utah. (Hey, whoever said Mormons were dumb needs a cup of coffee!)

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