Pics From Here



For any who may be at all in the slightest bit–and I do mean in the very teensy tiniest itsy bitsy bit here–at all interested on why I haven’t posted lately, well, here’s a few pics of my new digs now.  If you have had the chance to visit me before, you will see that this is certainly a much better improvement over my previous residence (of two years)–of which I was so unexpectedly and rudely ejected to be booted onto the street.  I should have seen this coming, though, leaving myself at the mercy of my political adversary of a roommate.  But live and learn.  At one point I got the bright idea I’d just use Google Maps to find a nice safe bush to live under, but then only to find that Boise has all their bushes carefully patrolled to prevent such a thing.  Why, they even created a special new ordinance now to run everyone poor off the streets, too!  And in these tough times no less!  So big of them, huh?  And let’s not leave out my pending eye surgery of which I’d have had to forgo if I couldn’t find a place to live…!  Fortunately, though, I was able to whine enough to the republican dog to buy an extra couple weeks, then lucked into a room till my name came up on Boise’s housing list, and finally–badabingbadaboom–I was saved!  I expect I’ll soon be back on course now, replete with the postings and comments of and on my various samplings of evening chow-creations put on by the Boise Rescue Mission. Quite apparently, I might add, for Someone’s amusement there; but of which I relish spewing on about with whatever verbage, garbage, and/or other gaseous nonsense there is to spout on about it about, which is how I maintain a sense of humor after my communions there, which I’m told I evidentally must have to be there in the first place…but which is actually more a love for ratting them out more than anthing…! Anyhoo, be all that as it may, it’s now onward and upward para moi!  My new address now finds me nicely strategically located near the Boise Greenbelt, where I can leisurely enjoy its fragrances and happy views of one of Boise’s finest assets (i.e. its river and trees)–rather than to be forced to live under them.  Yuppers, the Good Lord hath plunked me here in mine own Canaan; and now if the Good Lord will decide I’m worth keeping around (here), I promise to be a very very good person to people always!  Boy, Howdy on That!!!  Oh, Thank You Thank You So So Very Much, My Sweet Lord!!  Thou hast plunked me down and I rejoyce coninually in prayers of gratitude and worship.  Hallelujah and Armen!


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