Pics From Here

Christmas Eve 2013 finds me lulled to the honkings, tootings, quackiings, and ark-arkings of swarms of duck and geese circling, passing by my window.  I’ve just gorged myself on half an apple pie and a third of the tub of whipped cream; the coffee did little to stem the drowsiness that’s encompassed me.  Will I sleep through this evening of happy faces singing from my TV?  No, I must rouse myself…must fight off the beautiful blessed slumber that would trade my Christmas Eve joys for yet one more of those sweet dreams I’ve had of late…   I teeter to my feet; swing into the kitchen nook.  Three fat tablespoons of Tasters’ Choice; splash in milk to soothe steaming cup from microwave.  That’ll wake me up.  Just then the rush of huge Canadian wings fill the air outside my window.  The goose gang play like jazz musicians gone wild–clarinets, trombones, tubas, you name it–all mixed in with my radio’s caroling…   No place for Santa tonite; too darm much traffic!  God I love this place!

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