Pics From Here

As I stepped into 2022 I found myself faced with a few challenges, to wit: (a) my dental bridge was failing and no way to replace it for under $5k – with my savings down to $1.5k (b) I was abruptly moved into a shoebox half the size of my apartment, and (c) I wasn’t physically up to moving everything I’d accumulated – banging on 71 years old this year.


(a) Delta Dental had an emergency outreach program which ended up saving the bridge. (b) I lucked into an extra bunch of pain pills when my prescription was filled. And (c) I got it all in and, plus, now have a “porch” where I can sit and admire BSU’s new (nationally recognized) gorgeous art building and watch Capitol Blvd. parade by. So it’s all good. After all.

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